Serial port auto-detection-update?

My problem is that on my home system I have three serial ports: a mouse
on one, a modem on another and another piece of gear on the third. QRTP
still seems not to autodetect all three, and since the mouse is on one,
when I slay the devc-ser8250 manager in order to start another with all
three ports mentioned, it kills the mouse, and thus I can’t switch

Previous email suggested placing the ‘special’ devc-ser8250 command in
/etc/rc.d/rc.local, but I’m not sure what state the system is in when
that is run (has devc-ser8250 already been started by enum-devices…)

Can inputtrap be run again to make the mouse work?

Wasn’t the new QRTP supposed to autodetect all serial ports? My ports
are all ISA types (3f8, etc.)

$ uname -a
QNX a2c-kpl 6.00 2000/10/17-14:59:25edt x86pc x86

John H. Zouck
The Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory