System stops while booting

Hi everyone,
I have a PC with PII 350 MHz and 128 MB RAM, a 17GB HDD(Primary Master), a
DVD ROM(Secondary Slave) drive and a CD-Writer(Secondary Master) a Trident
9750 AGP card a Creative PCI 64 sound card. The system board is from
ViaTech. I have a dual OS systemwith Win2K professional and Win98. My disk
has four partitions with one of them being an NTFS partition and others
being FAT32 ones. I have installed QNX RTP 6.0 on my Win98 system with the
InstallShield setup.
Now when I boot into Win 98 I get a boot-menu. If I then boot into QNX RTP
or even QNX RTP (DMA disabled) the system hangs. I haven’t been able to use
QNX RTP at all.
The errors with QNX booting with DMA enabled are:
simq_timer:building abort_ccb
ata_start_ccb:func 10
ata_ccb_abort: calling ata_error

The above errors do not occur while the system boots with QNX (DMA disabled)
Now after the message “Detecting IDE devices…” the spinning marker stops
and the system hangs. When I booted up with verbose mode then the system
stopped after detecting my HDD and both CD drives and mounting the
filesystems. The system stops after this everytime:
Mounting a cd filesystem as /fs/cd1 on /dev/cd1
Mounting a cd filesystem as /fs/cd0 on /dev/cd0
Mounting a dos filesystem as /fs/hd0-dos on /dev/hd0t11.2
After this the system hangs completely. Theses errors occur regardless of
whether I boot with DMA disabled or enabled.
Please help me out.