Compaq Deskpro XL 590 with AMD SCSI

I am trying to set up QNX6 on a Deskpro XL 590 (hey I’m a glutton for
punishment), so that I can use it as a NAT box. It has a EIDE interface
with CDROM, and an AMD SCSI. The machine cannot boot off the CDROM (1995
vintage). I have made a boot floppy, and the boot floppy detects the EIDE
interface, and the attached CDROM, it then correctly identifies the AMD SCSI
interface, but fails to load the driver (devb-amd) because it can’t find it.
I am not sure whether it can’t find it on the floppy or the CD.

Anyway it looks promising (I would think that trapping it is the hard part).
Any idea why devb-amd isn’t available from the CD boot floppy ? Any idea on
what I need to do to get this to work (since devb-fdc no longer works on my
laptop - my only other RtP box).

I could care less whether the video works in anything other than VGA (since
it’ll be a headless box), so I think that the amd SCSI is the only hurdle I
have to overcome.