fs-cifs BROKE with PATCH B

I have been linking my IBM 600 thinkpad and QNX6 together with only a few
hang-ups occasionally.

I have a public shared directory in the MS world that I mount in QNX6 that
goes something like this:

“fs-cifs -a //morehade: /ThinkPad morehade password”

I updated to PATCH B and now it’s FUBAR’d. fs-cifs drops out of the system,
I get back can’t do this and can’t do that.

After the patch I did a uname -a and it wasn’t correct so I did a mkifs
… and now thats exactly per the Release Notes.

What’s UP? aah?

ALSO, is there a way to undo a PATCH update and reset it back without
starting from scratch. fs-cifs has a 2/13/2001 12:59PM date associated with
it. How do I get the old one back?

Dennis Morehart
GE Industrial Systems
Salem, Va.