UltraDMA detection problem

I sow in this newsgroup these subjects on the problem.
I have the same problem, QNX doesn’t recognize my UltraDMA Hard Disk, just
my CDROM Drive.
Where can I find UDMA driver for QNX ? How install it ?

Thank you.


Hi Dylan,

Unforutnatly its not a Kernal switch. Just a separate driver. Support
for UDMA 66 is currently being worked on.

Dylan@anti-spam.org > wrote:
I too have a HPT366 controller on my Abit BP6 and cannot play with
QNXRTP until there’s support.
For a while, the HPT366 chip was unsupported under linux, and two
solutions were possible then: You could move your drive to the regular
IDE controller (yuck). Or you could pass an option to the linux kernel
to enble recognition of the controller as a generic IDE controller (no
UDMA66 support) This option was enough to install a linux distro, grab
the latest kernel source or patch, and compile a new kernel which did
recognise the HPT366 nativly.

So with the QNXRTP barfing at the hpt366, I wonder. Can anyone at QNX
tell us how to pass an option to the qnx kernel to enable generic ide
support for the hpt366?

info on the linux kernel option is at
the option was in the form ide[23]=(io address),(ioaddress),(irq)

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:49:07 +0200, Rainer Hagenau
hagenau@iti.mu-luebeck.de> > wrote:


I am new to QNX. I downloaded the CD image file (qnxrtp.iso) from
I installed it as file within windows (98).
Booting by selection in the windows menue the neutrino is coming up but
the boot job fails
alike some user told in other postings where they are having problems with
one EIDE-controller.

is Ultra DMA (ATA66) a problem for QNX RTP? Or is this only for some
controllers. ?
Are there any boot options to help ?
Who can help ?


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