What's the diff. between QNX Momentics & Neutrino?

I just downloaded QNX 6.3.0, but my desktop reads QNX Momentics Development Suite. I thought I was downloading QNX Neutrino. What’s the difference? Where can I download the newest version of QNX Neutrino?

Neutrino is the name of the QNX operating system/microkernel. Momentix is the development suite used to develop for Neutrino apps. You can download the latest version of QNX Neutrino from www.qnx.com but in order to run Neutrino you’ll need either a boot manager, vmware or trash your windows installation.

I am using Virtual PC. So, do I have Neutrino then, if I downloaded QNX 6.3.0?

Or can you direct link me to the download I want.


Thanks! Anyone sharing a license key?