Problem with namespace


I am writing a resource mabnager for one of our devices. It detects the PCI device and then establishes a namespace with the process manager which is /dev/smt130/commport.

when i try to open it from a aclient program using

fd = open("/dev/smt130/commport", O_WRONLY);

it returns -1. I then looked in to the dev directory, i could not find a name with smt130/commport in it.

any help in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks for your support.


Clearly the -1 return from the open call support the fact that you can’t see it in the directory… Is your resource manager calling resmgr_attach successfully? With the entire /dev/smt130/commport path?


Yes the RM calls the resmgr_attach sucessfully.


Obviously something went wrong, can you post your code.