Promise ATA Controllers -- Workarounds?

I downloaded the RTP ISO and burned it to a CD, then did the Windows install
and made a bootdisk (I have WinME). Upon first bootup (after a few
messages), it gives me an error such as:

“./diskroot not found on any filesystem”


“unable to start devc-con…”

then hangs. I know that I have an unsupported UDMA100 card, the Promise
Ultra ATA 100 controller. It’s a pseudo SCSI-EIDE PCI busmastering card.
I’ve had problems with it in the past trying to install Linux distros (it’s
not a dev/hda or sda), and even trouble installing Win2k on my ME/2k dual
boot (needed a driver off the manufactuer disk, took a while to figure that

Has anyone figured out a workaround or solution to getting QNX RTP to boot
from a UDMA HD on a Promise controller?