diskboot blocks keyboard

I’m playing with custom boot images loaded with qnxload.sys on
a P133/16MB/1.3GB eide/DOS. Most of the things work, including booting
to esh and manually starting devb-eide and mounting *.qfs’es from
nonstandard directories.

With diskboot however, the keyboard locks. The utility
displays the usual “Press space bar” message, but only Ctrl-C appears
to work. Then a series of “Unable to allocate ressource. Ressource
temporarily unavailable” messages follow. Next, the disk drivers and
filesystems are properly detected and mounted, but the keyboard is
lost, whether I start from esh or from the [+script] section. With esh
and the -s diskboot parameter (don’t start the config scripts) the
utility ends and a command prompt (#) is displayed. Without -s the
process continues up to the photon login screen, but only the mouse

I wore out the hypotheses about why the keyboard may lock
with diskboot, and I don’t know what the ‘ressource’ complain may
signify. Verbose mode doesn’t help much, because the messages scrolls
way fast. Some letters mixed with the message looks like an address.

I’d appreciate any idea, thanks.