remote retival of files

i have a remote QNX box i’m using a windows box to link with it using telnet.
i can log in and find the files i need but don’t know the comand to retive the files to my windows box . i conect using ip address and link is over a cat 6 network.
can any one help thanks.

Try ftp.

i tried the link it didn’t work.
and yes i was trying ftp today but my unix isn’t that good i didn’t have the conands right. thats why i’m asking if anyone can help with the comand

It wasn’t mean to be a link don’t know what happen. This is an extreme newbie question (and I might add a lazy newbie question) and did my share this week. I’ll pass on this one.

yes i am a complete newbi

i tried a few times this morning ftp in remote but got error connection refused
i can get in with telnet and move around remote.

anyone else with any ideas thanks

“connection refused” probobly means that the ftp server (ftpd) is not installed on the qnx machine. My guess would be that if FTP isn’t installed then probobly SSH isn’t either. There is only one more alternative I can think of… install an ftp server on your win box… there are several free servers available for windows(“fictional daemon” being probobly the easiest to configure)… then telnet to your qnx box and ftp from qnx back back to your win box.

If you are on QNX4 - just start the inetd.
Before starting it - check that /etc/inetd.conf has an ftp entry un-commented.
The most easy way is to connect as root, for that to happen you should comment out the root name in the /etc/ftpusers file and make sure the root has non-empty password.
After that - you’ll be able to ftp to QNX4 box as root and have all access.

Same applies to QNX 6.