Install of 6.1 upgrade failed..

When I installed the upgrade for 6.1 from within QNX… it would not
download. it kept dying out at about 2/3 the way through (at least according
to the thermometer), and then i would get Unable to resolve errors to the
qnx site, and ANY app in qnx would be unable to resolve its way out of a
paper bag untill i restarted the system… When i finally downloaded 6.1
using a link on the QNX site for the update, and copying it from a DOS
partition, it didnt completely update… the shelf stayed as the old version
and the uname wasnt updated. it was half-baked… Ended up wiping the
partition, installing the old version from cd… then using pkg-installer
from within photon, copying the update from the dos partition then using
pkg-installer to install it and it worked fine… Anyone else have a similar