6.1 installs: 2 TCP/IP configs -- 1 OK, 1 BAD

Hi QNXers,

In my location we have done two installations of QNXRTP 6.1. Each has
an Intel CPU and NIC card. On one (82559 chip set) the (big) TCP/IP
configuration went smoothly. DHCP was chosen for interface en0 and
our DHCP server (an NT 4.0 Server) apparently interacted well with
dhcp.client to deposit all important info like gateway, name server,
etc. into the right slots. After setting the proxy server IP, Voyager
runs like a champ. (There appears to be no hope for reaching any
repository through Installer – but that’s another sob story).

The other PC uses a NIC with the 82557 chip set but the same behavior
is seen when the first Intel Ethernet card is substituted. When
trying to select DHCP in the network configuration tool, we can press
Apply and wait for resolution to happen but it doesn’t.

Note these conditions:

  • dhcp.client doesn’t show up under pidin yet devn-speedo is active.
  • Manual startup of dhcp.client results in a message about “server
    cannot be reached.”
  • Pinging is not possible. (“Host is down” is the ultimate result for
    a local IP target.
  • io-net is alive.
  • The switch in our communications clost shows “link” for this UTP
  • nicinfo and pci commands indicate normalcy - as far as I know.

Somehow, the dhcp.client can’t see our DHCP server. Short of
re-installing and saying prayers, does anyone have an idea of what’s

Bob Bottemiller
Stein.DSI/Redmond, WA USA