Phditto from QNX 6.3 to QNX 4.25 - Possible?

Can I phditto into a QNX 4.25 box running Photon 1.13 from a QNX 6.3 box? If so, how?

here’s how I do that :
from the qnx v6.x machine, in pterm :
phditto -h715 -w1007 -n/dev/ph+ -o1 -n[ip-adr of qnx v4.x machine] -Uroot -sroot (one single line and ENTER)
the -s defines what’s going on after the connection, see here :

on qnx V4.x machine :
file /etc/config/phrelay consists of one single line :
root % -WPWRtRm …/bin/pfm
(starting the file manager after root - above ‘-s…’ - connected)

I have a Help file about the options of the command line and the config file, but it is in WIN. I’ve attached it here.

well, I tried to attach it, but that does not work with this computer at the company where I work. I can mail it to you from home, if you wish.

have luck !

Well, I’ve found that if I simply do a phditto -t ipaddress, I can successfully phditto into a 4.25 box across our intranet. It’s whenever I use a dial-up modem to connect that it bombs. I get connected, do a “cd /usr/photon/bin” and hit enter, then a “phditto -m /dev/ser1” and hit enter. At that point it tries to connect and then immediately disconnects me.

pls excuse me but I will be very busy this weekend. I will be able to see into this earliest time by monday evening (gm time).