2 Qs about accessing Input DDK Help and code samples

Hello QNX Folk ,

One of my numerous lines of code development has to do with writing a
custom driver for the touchscreen that came with my Advantech flat
panel display. As part of installing 6.1 from QNX CD-ROM, I chose the
x86 Input DDK. There are a couple of minor issues I’ve encountered
while taking the first small steps.

  1. Helpviewer doesn’t know about the Input DDK:

It appears to me that the Helpviewer database is built from
information located at /usr/help/product. At least that is where I
see all the .toc files and associated topic-specific directories. In
my installation the input_ddk_en.toc file and input_ddk_en directory
are one level higher, i.e. they appear in /usr/help. (And just TRY to
relocate them.)
Q1: is this a mistake with a script or other corrective action to

  1. Driver sample code and other tips/hints/tricks are buried deep
    inside the bowels (and I do mean bowels) of /pkgs with a virtual
    appearance at /usr/share/cvs_rep.
    Q2: can I move the whole set of files somewhere safe for viewing,
    editing, printing and general coded hacking?

I realize the basic problem may be my lack of competence with the
whole packages/repository scheme but that’s why come here – seeking
wisdom and enlightenment.

Bob Bottemiller
Stein.DSI/Redmond, WA USA