SOS,I Can not Install QNX6 to my laptop

Ladies and gentlemen,I tried to install QNX6 to my laptop of toshiba
satellite 2800,but I fialed,the following is what I did and what the QNX
reported.Help me.P.S
1,To avoid the partition problem,before I install QNX,I boot the computer
from a Win98 bootable disk and used ‘fdisk’ to deleted all the partitions in
the hd,so the hd is a white one.
2,put the QNX6 CD into the CD-ROM and reboot the computer from the CD-ROM
3,…accepted the licence agreement of QNX
4,QNX start detecting my disk controllers and disk,it found out the EIDE HD
and the CD-ROM
5,QNX gave me only one choice as that :slight_smile:
Disk Device type size heads sectors cylinders
1/dev/hd0 EIDE 19077 255 63
Choose disk (1)?
I press the enter key
6,another three choices were given:
1,keep the QNX partition below 8.4G
2,keep the start of QNX partition blew 8.4G
3,Allow the QNX partition to be anywhere on the disk
because my computer is a new version PIII computer, of course my BIOS
supports the HD larger than 8.4G,so the QNX can be anywhere on the HD,but I
still choose the 1,the QNX was installed below 8.4G
7,please enter the file system you would like to install QNX from:
Disk Device Type
1 cd0 cd
I choosed the 1
8,Choose the size the QNX installation use the HD
I choosed the max size for the QNX,the whole HD
9,Then,the QNX went on its installation:
Restarting dvivi and mount filesystem
excuting dinit-hq/dev/hd0t79
copying files to the new QNX partition
fs/qnxbase.ifs to …

10,a long list of error displayed:
can somebody help me to explain what the error messages mean?
Rang Check failed (IO)-Dev 1229
Alloc failed effc0000
Rang Check failed (IO)-Dev d4
Alloc failed efdff0000
Rang Check failed (MEM)-Dev 617
Rang Check failed (MEM)-Dev 12
Alloc failed efdf0000

11,After reporting a lot of errors,the QNX went on:
Detected EIDE ,scaning for devices…
form path on [/pkgs/repository]
creating a 128M swap file “/.swapfils” you must have 256M free to
create it
file /.swapfile added as swap device
File /.swapfile successfully added as a swap device
Generating helpviewer search detabase
installing /dev/par ports 378
the computer locked here.
12 here is what I did after the QNX became dead.
the first time it locked,I supposed I shall give it more time to install
the Par port,so I had a ten minutes call to my GF,but it seems that the QNX
also enjoy the sweat call because it did nothing while I had the call.
So I reboot the computer and entered the CMOS,changed the Par port mode
from ECP to std,the bi-driect mode,reboot the computer,it still lock at the
same point.
I Changed the boot mode to non dma,it still lock
I choosed the safe mode (selected F1 in the boot options seletion) ,it
still locked at that point…
I reinstall the QNX and allow it can be anywhere on the disk,it still
dispointed me.

Really,have somebody experenced installing the QNX in a Toshiba laptop?or
can somebody tell me what fault I had done or can I have another choice?
any help will be very very appreciated.thanx in advanced.

Best regards