Problem starting Momentics on 6.3.0


I’m having a problem starting Momentics. When I start it from the command line using qde, I get an error message as follows:

java/lang/NoClassDefFound error
exit code = 233

and then it terminates.

PhAB and Momentics help start normally.

Any solutions ?



Details of error.

Starting QDE
Fatal Error: Unable to find and initialize required class java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError
JVM Terminated. Exit Code=233
-cp /usr/qnx630/host/qnx6/x86/usr/qde/eclipse/
-os qnx
-ws photon
-arch x86
-showsplash /usr/qnx630/host/qnx6/x86/usr/qde/eclipse/eclipse_showsplash 600
-data /root/workspace

Does it work if you start from the Launch menu?

Is your license still valid?

I just tried “qde” from the command line on my qnx 6.3 box, and it works fine.

Starting from the launch menu shows the splash screen and nothing else.

I’ve changed the date to a valid one in the BIOS during install and then tried to start Momentics. (I downloaded from an external site because the QNX site is really slow)

It seems your installation must be corrupted somehow. I tried “qde” on my freshly installed qnx 6.3 without any problems.
I would suggest you try installation again.

I’ve already reinstalled 3 or 4 times. Same result.

I downloaded the iso from since the qnx site download is slow and doesn’t support resuming or multiple threads. The download md5 matched the posted md5. Is anybody who downloaded from there having the same problem?

noc, where did you download from? Do you know any external sites with verified installs ? (preferably supporting resume and multiple download threads).



It doesn’t matter where you have downloaded it as long as the md5sum matches the one published:
MD5 Sum: 462303b2f69e3e20b7dee3bbc9d7dc66

If yours doesn’t, you should re-download it. Mine was from … 141702.iso

BTW, are you using an alternative shell such as bash? You may need to manually source those scripts in /etc/profile.d

try installing it to another computer. Your current computer might have some compatability issue, or bad memory, or hardrive… etc…

Thanks for all the help. I’m downloading it again.

Regards Ken

It still doesn’t work on my machine.

I will try installing it on another machine.


Stab in the dark: how much ram does your machine has?