Promise Ultra IDE Cards

I was going to ask a silly nubie question, until I read this:

“IDE cards such as the Promise Ultra66 and Ultra33 are not currently

I’ve been “freebasing” with Operating Systems recently, including BeOS,
WinXP, linux and now QNX.

I remember getting that “QNX on a floppy” demo and thinking how nice it
would be to have an OS that small. I was suitably impressed, particularly
coming from an Amiga background. QNX6 currently won’t work on my system,
(I’m not about to start swapping hard-drives every time I want to boot an OS
that doesn’t support my IDE controller - anyway that would defeat the whole
purpose of having one!), therefore I will simply say:

Thank you, and goodbye.

See you when you have a finished product … maybe.


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