patch A: proxies & package installer

After installing QNX 6.1.0 patch A, I’m still unable to connect to the QNX
WWW repository using a proxy. Voyager has no problem connecting through our
SOCKS proxy. The settings in pkg-installer’s Edit/Preferences/Connection are
the same as in Voyager, except that I can’t specify SOCKS. Should it work

I’m confused about what’s written at the “QNX RTP 6.1.0 Patch A Release
Notes” site (

Before you install Patch A, you must first install the “QNX Patch
for x86” package (under QNX Realtime Platform in the Product Name
list in the QNX WWW Repository).

If you don’t install “QNX Patch for x86” first, you may end up
with unresolved dependencies when installing the other modules in
this patch.

Does the “QNX Patch for x86” above mean “QNX (Patch A) for x86”, which is
what’s actually in the patchA.tgz tarball? If not, where can I get this
other patch?

My package installer is now version 1.04. Is this the latest? Is there
anything else I can check to see that I have the latest software running?
Any equivalent to QNX4’s “sin ver”?

Thank you.

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