How to make a custom bootable CD ?


I need to make a bootable cd with a photon server. I already have a buildfile made for a compact flash with everything i need. I noticed that when some files are included form the buildfile, it is impossible to remove them. The directory in which they are is created at boot time. So i guess this will be a problem with a cd since it’s not possible to write on it.

So, is this really a problem ? If it is, how can i solve it ? I thought of using a ram disk. Is it a good idea ?

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with a bootable cd, you have to rely on ram disk for a writable area.

Thx noc.

Now i forgot to precise that i was under QNX 6.2. I can’t find any tool to make an iso or to burn from an ide cdrom. Are there such tools for this version of QNX ?



cdrtools, i believe there is a port but i am not sure how current it is. does anyone know it there is a native photon front-end for it? that would be awsome