OPC connection with QNX6

Hi, I would like to connect OPC client from window side to QNX6. Any need solution to this problem?
I know that there are “cogent”, “ModbusTCP”, and “nautsilus” who makes this possible in QNX but cogent is too expensive, and I don’t know if I can make ModbusTCP to work in QNX6 to connect with OPC client in windows, and nautsilus solution seemed to be the best having OPC server in Windows and having an API in QNX to talk to it over TCP/IP but they seem to have really bad website and english documentation. Any idea or tips?


FocusSW (ModbusTCP) connects flawless with an Modbus OPC server on windows.


PS: Try sending an email to nautsilus with your questions.

It seems like the Nautsilus is a better solution for me. I have contacted them and the service is not up and running. The only reason of going with Nautsilus vs. ModbusTCP was that I didn’t needed to buy another Modbus OPC server on the windows side. Nautsilus solution was cheap compared to other products and came with all the tools I needed for the moment.