installing: the hard way?


I’ve installed QNX4 on top FAT16 filesystem, and now I want to move it to a seperate dedicated QNX partition. I’m too lazy to d/l the 400MB ISO which enables
installation to a seperate partition. Is it possible to use the existing QNX installation on FAT16 to create a full operational/bootable QNX partition? I have done the similar
thing with DOS/WINDOWS, and think it should be possible for QNX. I think the necessary steps are:

  1. Create the filesystem (with fdisk? how exactly this is done?)
  2. Write the boot loader to the new filesystem (fdisk? dinit? again, how?)
  3. Copy the neccessary files (what files are “neccessary”?)

Also, I read that QNX partition must be in the primary HDD (C drive in DOS/WINDOWS), is it true? If I place the partition on the secondary HDD (IDE-0, slave, or IDE-1,
master/slave) with this setup (below), will it work?
Partition Setup for 4.2GB secondary HDD :
1.5GB FAT16, Primary Partition, set active (DOS bootable)
500MB QNX Partition
2.2GB FAT16, Extended Partition