Integrate C++ OOD with GUI


I have created a C++ Object-Oriented Designed controller in QNX Neutrino 6.x using the C++ Application Project (standard makefiles). Now, I need to build a GUI that can use the classes that I have already created. I know that I can use the Photon Application Builder, but will it allow me to use my classes?

Secondly, can anyone suggest a good resource for me to start learning how to build a GUI in QNX?

Thank you.

An file ending with .cc (or maybe .cpp) will be treated as such by FAB. When you specify a callback, just say: and all should be ok.

heya foozy_man … if you really want to do C++ GUI development … I’ll suggest you have a look at the Zinzala SDK : … es/083004/


Why the developer’s guide of Zinzala is still not available on ?

foozy_man, i want to suggest you to take a look at my library for C++ coding with PhAB. If you know OOD quite well you’ll definitely find it intersting/usefull. I use it at work to build rather compilcated GUIs.

It has native PhAB support! ;)

Feel free to ask me if something goes wrong. comments are welcomed
PS sorry for the lack of the documentation – im working on it currently.