Phindows refresh problem

We are using Phindows to remotely access our QNX (6.2.1) applications. We observed that some of the screens in our application are not being rendered properly in the remote Phindows environment. It seems (or we suspect it) to be a refresh or an update problem.

QNX controls are not drawn properly, and on some screens, they are completely missing in the Phindows environment. Examining the screens in Photon App Builder (through Phindows only), we got a suspicion that it could be a refresh problem. When we click and drag the mouse cursor in and around the area where the controls are missing, the controls are being drawn.

Any idea on how to overcome this refresh/update problem? We are trying to use automation tools on our application accessed through Phindows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Google groups search indicates that a few others had a similar problem. A few of their widgets (e.g. RtTrend) go black and a few others become invisible while viewing from Phindows. Exactly the same problems I’m facing.

Some pointers to this problem seem to be - masked blitting, direct draw in Video RAM etc.

Does anyone have a possible explanation and/or a solution?

I have done much work in the latest versions of phrelay, Phindows and photon to increase the support for various kinds of draws that were not supported in the past (eg. offscreen contexts).

You will have to upgrade to 6.3.0 SP1 or wait for 6.4.0.

If you want you can send me a copy of your app and I can check that it works in the latest Phindows/phrelay.