Error installing packages


I keep getting errors when installing some packages. pkg-installer bails with an error messgae “tar exit code=2.” Quitting photon to terminal reveals some error
messages, namely :
gzip : stdin :invalid compressed data–crc error
tar : child returned status 1
tar : exit delayed from previous errors

The packages are from the CD. I guess it’s pretty obvious by looking at the “crc error” the culprit is corrupted package file(s), but to my amazement, when I sometime
later try to install one of the packages which gives me the error, it succeeds (while others still failed).

I then tried to breakdown the bundles, by copying the neccessary qpm/qpk files to other dir and install from there. Surprisingly, packages which are parts of the
bundle, which installs fine if I install it from the bundle/CD, now fails, with “tar exit code=2.”

Example :
Development Core Targetting x86 ( bundles-qnx-dev-6.0-x86 )
Target Files for x86 ( os-dev_x86-2.1.1 ) → success
Neutrino Development Tools on x86 ( os-dev-2.1.1-x86 ) → success
Target Files for x86 ( ph-dev_x86-2.0.1 ) → success
GNU C++ Development ( gplusplus-dev-2.10 ) → success
Target Files for x86 ( gplusplus-dev_x86-2.10 ) → success
Neutrino Development Documentation ( os-devdoc-2.1.1 ) → success
Photon Development Core (ph-dev-2.0.1)
Photon Development Documentation ( ph-devdoc-2.0.1 ) → failed!

broken down :
Target Files for x86 ( os-dev_x86-2.1.1 ) ->failed
Photon Development Documentation ( ph-devdoc-2.0.1 ) ->failed
Photon Development Core (ph-dev-2.0.1) → failed, then later, succeed

What’s going on? What’s the format of qpm/qpk files? How can I manually install those files (by using gzip/tar)?