unable to start "diskboot" (8) error


I recently downloaded the qnx ISO image and tried to boot it, but I get
following error message:

Press ESC for .altboot…Unable to start
“diskboot” (8)

after that it stops and I have to reboot.

What’s wrong?

My hardware is a Standard Pentium3 PC with Intel chipset (don’t know exact
128 MB RAM, ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP 2
A EIDE harddisk with 900 MB free space in the beginning and a primary and
extended partition containing WinNT and Win2K in dual boot configuration.
The EIDE CDROM is connected as primary slave.

My intention was to install QNX in a primary partition in the free space.

Any help appreciated…

Live long and prosper,

Andre Fisser
Mountside Software Engineering