Unable to start xxx (83) / Unable to access yyy (2)


I prepared a script file to build an image (QNX 6.2.1) that uses Serial Port (no Graphics - devc-con not included). The login is over serial link or telnet.

When I boot with this image - i get a list of error messages
Unable to start xxx (83)
Unable to access yyy (2)

it starts with unable to start devc-ser8250 (83)

I have build the image with mkifs -v and also the IDE’s System Builder - the erro messages are the same (possibly becuase I reuse the same script file int he IDE). When I build no error messages show up. These components “xxx” and “yyy” are there in the image (- there were no “file not found” messages) during th ebuild.

Can anyone please tell me what these 83 and 2? Error codes?

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the Graphics output is still there even thoguh the image did not include devc-con and nor did I add any Video drivers explicitly. Does QNX stuff in Video drivers all the time?

If you want me to attach the build file please let me know. Any questions / suggestions - please le tme know.

Thank you

You can see an description of the errors in /usr/include/errno.h

Thank you - your help is very much appreciated.