Possible to run 2 Dev.ser?

Is it possible to run more than one Dev.ser each allocated to different ports?

Yes, just specify a different mount point (/dev/abc for example) I think the option is -N or -n, not sure.

type “Dev.ser -Nser 03F8,4 02F8,3” in pterm with ENTER,
that gives :
two serial ports (/dev/ser1 and /dev/ser2) with one at port 3f8, interrupt 4 and the other at 2f8 interrupt 3


Ok… it is a little bit more involved than that (as usual) I have two different implementations of Dev.ser an inhouse one and a specially developed one but they dont seem to work well when running both at the same time (two multiport serial solutions).

One multiport serial solution ends up on irq 9 the other on irq 11, I specify the correct Adress,IRQ (and -N for making sure they get unique serial devices) but one of the devices doesnt work at all (even though it will work alone when stand alone). One multiport solution is on the motherboard, the other is a PCI card, and of course there are the two serial com ports on the motherboard.

Sadly it seems both multiport solutions believe they own address d100 as a port, i think that is what could be causing it not to work, but i always wanted to confirm that it is okay to run Dev.ser twice and that Dev would correctly route to the other Dev.ser depending on which serial port gave the interrupt.