Setting up DSL on 6.1

so has anyone successfully setup DSL on RTP 6.1?

It is supposed to be possible, but I’m not sure how to set the parameters.

In Windows 2000 I have to:

  • Set the TCP/IP address to and the subnet mask to
  • Create a new connection to a VPN, host and set TCP/IP address
    to automatic, and put my user name and password.

In QNX, I set the network to TCP/IP address and subnet mask, I think this works, I can ping and

Then I create a new connection with host and type in my user name
and the password. Not sure where to set automatic TCP/IP address. Also not
sure what to put in the field “service”. When I try to connect, the first
step works, but when it tries to authenticate the user name it hangs

Thanks for any help