Use a .so file

the question is very silly but…

I must do a driver for a pci card (pc104+ format). I’ve some source files but i must accomodate it for run under qnx6.

I’ve make a .so file but now i don’t know how to use it

please, give me a slap and a answer :smiley:

The driver in QNX and Linux are different. In linux, a kernel module usually in the form of a so file, but in QNX, you will need to write a resource manager.

The writing a resource manager section of the programmer’s guide has
lots of chunks of code in it from resource managers.

Also, Rob Krten has a couple of quite complete resource manager
samples in his Getting Started with QNX Neutrino 2 – A Guide for Realtime Programmers book.

mmm thanks!!! :smiley: