FTP stopped working

I’m pretty novice at QNX, but now it seems I’m the go to guy in lab for this problem. We had a hard drive crash and were trying to transfer the backup disk image from CDROM from a windows computer to the spare hard-disk on another QNX4.23 machine. Sometime during the transfer it locked up. The error on the QNX machine said something about the destination disk being full, though this shouldn’t have happened as it had plenty of room. In any case, after rebooting it is now no longer possible to connect to the QNX machine using FTP. It is unlikely any of the necessary files were corrupted as the transfer was going to the spare hard drive and not the main one that the machine runs on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

is the image file over 2G size ?

is 2G the file system limit for QNX 4?

Yes. There are ways to handle files bigger then 2G, but it’s highly restrictive. Better to just consider 2G the limits.