6.2 installation hangs


When I’m installing QNX6.2 on my embedded PC104 Stack it gets stuck
when booting off either the install floppy or CD just after it detects
EIDE. Then it posts “Scanning for Hardware” and hangs up. I can hit
and change to verbose mode but it all scrolls by so fast . It
will then offer me F2 to run from CD or F3 to install to a new
partition. But no matter how much I hit F3 I can only select F2.

The only thing I see close to an error is some SCSI sense errors but I
don’t have SCSI in my system. I originally had 6.2 up and running on
this machine before. Does anyone have any ideas at all. I believe
the hardware is fine - I have a win98 drive that boots the machine up
fine… and I’m just running out of ideas. Anyone have some