Compact flash installation

Using QNX 6.2 installing to a 92MB Hitachi Compact flash from Digital
Logic. Host is a PC104+ “profive” module from EEPD.

Installation from CD proceeds and seems to succeed. On booting from the
installed system, the boot message occurs (Esc for alternate boot etc)
and booting starts but immediately (either with .boot or .altboot) the
system resets itself.

Any ideas why?

I get the feeling the inital installation worked correctly although
coming from QNX4 what I see is unfamiliar. Inspecting the flash
filesystem, it contains the boot images and a directory which seems to
contain an image. This image is mounted (like a loopback mount in
I guess an intermediate stage has been installed and installation should
continue after a successful boot.

Thanks for any help

William Morris