pulse in Photon with mq_notify()

I am trying to make my PhAB sensitive to a mqueue when ever the queue gets filled.
The mqueue is filled from non-PhAB process, and I would like my PhAB program to read from the queue if it gets filled. I have looked in the document section “photon pulses” which has example of “message queues”, but I couldn’t get it working. It seems like when I do a PtAppAddInput(), the function that must be called when the pulse arrives doesn’t get called. How can I check if the pulse is being generated by the mqueue, and how can I check if PhAB is waiting for that pulse?

I am just lost on this one…

Inside Phab you can create a callback that generates the pulse (pulse are asynchronous so you can sent it to yourself). If you receive it then something is wrong the mqueue, if you don’t then something is wrong with the setup of the pulse event callback.

thanks… got it working… I didn’t setup the Channel and SIGEV_PULSE_INIT() :frowning: