How do i can backup(mirror) my system

Dear all,
I had two SISC HDD.
I want to backup my QNX4.25 system.

Somebody know any products can do it?


Taken from newsgroup:

There is a script called QNX_drive_copy on the QNX website/downloads

Note that it is from our old user free site and therefore not officially
supported. Make sure that you read the readme before use.


thanks mario~~

use ghost to clone HDD ,i do it in qnx 6.2

Thanks. wsforever
but i cannt shutdown my system.
I need keep system always running.
so i need SISC mirror solution.
thanks again.

wsforver, that solution, I beleive, works only if the HD are of exact same size.

You could always run a 4 drive RAID that will be better then an drive mirror, “mirrors break often and then it is no good to you”.
You could run a 5 drive RAID “4 in the RAID and the 5th as a hot swap” if your SCSI card supports it.
I run a RAID 5 with the hot swap on a 4.25 system using a ICP SCSI controler and we are very happy with it.

thanks linde2,
Could you tell me detail type specification of the product?

it is a ICP Ultra 160 GDT8523RZ 32/64 bit 33/66 MHZ pci controller
(have to have a 33/66 MHz slot to put it in will work in either).
It uses the Fsys.gdthscsi driver that is provieded by ICP.
memory is 256MB
SDRAM, PC133 • CL=2 • Unbuffered • ECC • 133MHz • 3.3V • 32Meg x 72
You just have to make sure that hd0t77 (root) is a partition under the 1027 sector limitation.
We use a 38 Gig RAID broken down into 4 partitions so we can do this.
hd0t79 (small boot)
hd0t77 (root)
hd0t78 (got rid of the data folder and made a data partition)
hd0t7 (got rid of the tmp folder and made a tmp partition).
I have this running on 23 Dell PE2500 servers per site at 3 sites and for over 2 1/2 years and works fine.
It says that they are no longer produced them but you can still find them.

try for a QNX 4 Iomega Zip driver. You will need either a parallel or SCSI Zip drive.