cc and gcc for qnx

i am new to qnx.
i loaded qnx os on my machine
i could add the perl package thorugh the package manager
from the cdrom repository.

how do i add cc the c compiler and gcc?
where can i download the packages for the same?

can anyone pl help me?

You want to install the x86 Momentics packages from your main install CD. Then you will have all the devtools.

i did not find the x86 momentics package in the cdrom
i had downloaded the 442mb iso imagefile.

is it available seperately?
pl help

What 442mb ISO? You want to get QNX 6.2.1 which is about 200MB.

444MB iso,QNX6.10?Use qcc under qnx 6.21.Then use mkifs under qnx6.10.Is there other way ?

I’m sorry.CDM is right.Now I can use qcc utility under qnx6.1.0.