Problem starting with qnx v6.1.0 for windows

Whenever i boot with QNX or QNX(DMA Disabled), the computer screen always stop at sth like below…

Press the space bar to input boot options…
detected EIDE. Scanning for devices.

Shutdown[0,0] S/C/F = 11/4/2 C/D = ff841050
[0]PID-TID = 1-8 P/T FL = 000 19001 124820000 “daily/x86/boot/sys/procnto”
x86 context[000007b0]

and below here are all numbers…

and then the screen will stop here…

when i apply the trouble shooting from,
i was told to press , ,
the first F1 is the safe mode…then second F1( well i had forgotten sorry abt this) but after pressing te second F1 i will go back to the same options for the first F1… this is like a cycle i cant get out unless i press and the above stated words will appear and will stay there.

btw, i’m currently using pentium MMX 266MHz with windows 98SE.
Is it because of the windows OS or is it also because of the very old hardware specification that i’m using?

advance thx for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

6.1.0 is an ancient version now :slight_smile:
Can you boot and run from the CD directly?
Can you try the newer versions of QNX ?
If you really want to stick with 6.1, this old post from the archive should be helpful. Below is a quote from that post:

hey thx for the reply :slight_smile:

anyway, i cant use the newer version as they need higher specification. I guess i need to get a new computer…

btw, i ll look at the link tt u gave. thx again