wacom touchscreen driver

Hey there!
I am using QNX 6.3.0. I am also using a device that has a wacom touchscreen built in. (HPtr3000).

I’ve looked over the documentation and can’t really get a handle on which drivers are actually supported. As is usual I’m confused by the documentation. The photon startup documentation talks about using a executable called input, which I can’t seem to find. Also, I don’t see any support for wacom even though it mentions something about it on the website.

It is mentioned in both the input and inputtrap web pages.

So, I’m wondering what experience other people have. Can I use another driver?


wacom support is in QNX 4. The documentation you were reading probably wouldn’t make much sense to you since you are running QNX 6. The executable like “Input” only exists in QNX 4.

I haven’t heard if QNX 6 supports wacom. You are probably out of luck.