Window Widgets

This is a general comment about the appearence of Photon 2.0 vs Photon
1.14. I have to say that I don’t think that the look and feel of 2.0 is
very good compared to 1.14. Overall the functionality of the interface
has improved significantly, and I like that. But the window widgets
(close, minimize, maximize, etc) have gone from nice clear concise
symbols in 2.0, to visually cluttered, unclear symbols.

I know, get a life.

Is the problem that you are afraid to be sued by M$ for using their

Setting the controls in spheres in 1.14 (or wherever it started), made
the widgets very visually appealing. The sinple 1 icon desing ( X, -,
etc) in 1.14 immediately let my eye know what the widget was for. See
Apple’s MacOS X interface for an example of another window system with
clear consice, visually uncuttered widgets.

In 2.0, everthing is somehow more visually complicated, with shadows,
and multiple object symbols inside tiny squares. The widget is much
less visually appealing. Here’s a vote for the 1.14 widgets, or a
close relative, to be put back in Photon 2.0. Or how about a minor
theme manager. To swap the look and feel of the windows (sorta extend
the color manager that is already there to allow a window widget and
edge design swap)… Java has a programmable look and feel in swing.
Would it be too hard to put one in QRTP?