PostgreSQL 8.0.2 and QNX neutrino 6.3.0


Is there anyone that ever tried to compile PostgreSQL 8.0.x on QNX ?

I wrote to the postgresql porting list and their answer was that I am on my own. But since I’m pretty new to QNX, I am not sure of all the capabilities of the system and what is needed for postgresql.

Plus, all i really need is the libpq library. I was able to compile most of its files but I can’t link the objects into a library.

Anyway, if somebody out there would like to use postgresql 8.0.x on QNX and
knows a little more on QNX than me. we could try and work it out together.


Alexandre Senechal

Have you read this article from Landy ?

Details on his site at

no did not saw that article.

thanks for the pointer