Gauging interest: QNX (QRTP) Training in your city

Hi folks,

I’m planning on doing a set of training sessions in major cities in
North America in 2001. The idea is that these would be held in
hotels/conference centers in each city. These would be 2 day “intensive”
training courses, with a focus on getting up to speed on the major QRTP
operating system concepts (processes, threads, message passing,
interrupts, clocks, timers, resource managers).

At this point, I’m trying to gauge interest in these courses – it’s
a “chicken and egg” problem with trying to book hotel rooms and announce
courses at the same time. Normally, most training courses cost on the
order of USD$400 → USD$500 per day per student – these courses would
cost approximately USD$130 per day per student (total USD$260/CAD$395).
You’d get a copy of the course materials, and a 25% discount off the
“Getting Started” QNX Neutrino book.

If you are interested in attending such a course, please send me an
email so that I can figure out which cities I should plan on visiting.
(There’s no obligation – I’m just trying to get a feel for the level
of interest; and I promise I won’t send you spam :slight_smile:).

The course content is listed on the website at

Any other feedback or comments you might have are welcome, including
dates (Monday/Tuesday? Thursday/Friday? Weekend?) and topic suggestions.

Cheers, and happy holidays!

[please reply via email, as the responses are probably not of interest
to the general community; use training at parse dot com]

I’ll also repost this in January to remind people after the holidays,
and possibly with a tentative list and schedule.

Robert Krten, PARSE Software Devices; email my initials at parse dot com
Consulting, Systems Architecture / Design, Drivers, Training, QNX 4 & Neutrino
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