what should i use?

Hi all, im quite new in QNX, and im working in a project in my university, and im the only one by now, the objective is to make a configurable & portable software that can move step motors, receive signals, send pulses, etc.
right now there is some code done, some in C++(control) and the GUI was made in Photon, my question to you is, what would u recomend to use in that kind of project, or if u made something similar what advice can u give me, etc.

heres a few things im taking care of…

First i think photon is not a good choice, cause it generates C code, and ill prefer C++ code, so interact with control would be easier.

what should i use to make the GUI ?

Is java a good option for coding in QNX or should i stay with C++?

A problem im having is that sometimes i move my code to other computer and it doesnt work, it may be because the card i connect to a PCI, this card is the interface for my I/O. Im using a Sensoray 626 cause some one selected it , i dunno why, but im looking if theres a better one. Any of u know or have been working with a good/stable one ?

well, thanks for reading this, and any advice will be apreciated.
and sorry for my writing, english is not my natal langue.

// Marcopolo

Hi, i have another question, i usually code in ped editor, but is not a really nice one, so if u know any other editor i can download for qnx, let me know…
a few colors would be nice…


Although Photon cannot generate C++ code it can interface with it. When creating a callback just append @file.cc and it will create a CPP file.

Yes I guess you could use JAVA, you could install Eclipse, but this is not a simple task.

Usually when software doesn’t work on other machine it’s because the software isn’t smart enough to handle all possiblity or that it doesn’t fully comply with a coding and OS standard pratice. If you could specify what exaclty your code does and what is it exactly that is happening when it’s not working, it will be easier to provide suggestions.

i use VIM on QNX. I like it better than ped

Java is an excellent choice for doing the GUI if it is going to be a large complex UI (AppBuilder productivity diminishes with large projects). If you just need a relatively simple UI, then AppBuilder is a good choice. OTOH, If the UI is relatively simple then there is little benefit to using C++ anyway (Java gives you all the benefits of C++ and none of the awkwardness of interfacing C++ to AppBuilder).

btw: any case above you’re using Photon, the question is whether you are programming in C/C++ or Java.


Hi , thanks for answers

the goal is to make an easy to configure software that can interact whith different machines(like robots, which use step motors, receive signals, etc)

Right now, im updating a code(very bad one), but there are a lot of probles, but next semester ill be starting from zero all again, i hope to eliminate some problems, and choose the right way for developing in QNX. Also if i finish this project i hope to upload the code, so if u are interesed u can see how it works ( or crashes).

mario, poundsmack1, rgallen thanks for your coments.

"Although Photon cannot generate C++ code it can interface with it. When creating a callback just append @file.cc and it will create a CPP file. " thats new to me, and looks like a good idea.

And i think ill keep coding in C++, but ill try to make some test using java.

I found this link, its somehow what i want to work on.
they are using the same PCI card that im using Sensoray 626 PCI I/O board
ladispe.polito.it/robotica/l … MI_en.html

I use Workspace editor. It’s very good. You can download it here: pages.infinit.net/micbel/

is workspace still in development? it seems nice

gracias grillosolitario
Parece ser un buen programa, espero instalarlo el lunes, me ayudaría bastante.

thanks grillosolitario
looks to be a nice program, hope to install it next monday, ill help me a lot.

no it’s not under development anymore but the sources are available if you want to take a stab at it.