devc-ser8250 and shared interrupts

We are using a Phillips SC16C554 Quad Uart over a ISA bus
running Qnx 6.30. All 4 ports share IRQ 11. Whenever two
ports are being used simultaneously we eventually get an
“Out of interrupt events” message repeating forever on the
console and the only way to recover is to power cycle.
Does the ser8250 driver for Qnx 6.30 support shared interrupts
over the ISA bus and if so does it support this Phillips device.

I have used Moxa multiport serial cards (PCI and ISA) with shared interrupts in QNX (6.1 and 6.2) and no problem.

Have you launched the devc-ser8250 driver correctly?? I had some problems in the past…

Look at the following link in case it can help you.

It explains how to launch the devc-ser8250 driver with the Moxa card (but the instructions are quite general).
I havent use your card, so I can help you more.

I hope it helps.