deva-supersouth (when????)

We have been attempting (hoping) to get the onboard
AC97 audio of some Via chipset motherboards up and
running over the last few days.

I know that it is not officially supported by RTP as of
the current patch A rev.

However, when we probe audio, it does say that it is
looking for “deva-supersouth” which makes me wonder
if an internal beta driver is at least in development.

Is thereany hope of getting a beta driver that has support
for Via onboard audio (or direct AC97 codec access
in general)?

If not a beta, then is there a timetable for when it might be

As Via now has a pretty high percentage (> 50%) of the
total chipset market and almost all boards are using the
686A/B south bridge with integrated audio include for
for “free”, I would figure this would be quite important
for RTP in the future. Especially for the integrated/settop
market as the shift begins toward K133/SIS30 series
Duron/Celeron/Samuel based solutions.

Michael Burkey
Nexware Corp.