Making a custom boot/install floppy?

I want to put the latest QNX RTP on my old laptop since it now
supports the SCSI controller built into the port replicator.
Unfortunately the required aha2 driver doesn’t appear to be on the
boot/install floppy image. :stuck_out_tongue: It also suffers from the “PCI issue”
(AKA “Oops, we forgot to put that back how it was in the previous
version before releasing it.”) since it has no PCI bus.

I’ve sucked up a large chunk of my desktop’s drive to install
QNX too. Hmmm, file manager sees the boot/install floppy but will
not let me see anything on it. Once I get it going on the laptop’s
old 720meg HD its going buh-bye off the desktop, maybe. :slight_smile:

So I need to make a custom boot/install floppy with the aha2
SCSI driver and not trying to look for the PCI which isn’t there.
Ideally it should do some “on the fly” fix as QNX gets installed
so I don’t have to fix the PCI deal after installation.

The laptop is a Dell Latitude XPi P75D with the Advanced Port
Replicator 3 with Adaptec 15xx SCSI and 3Com 509b NIC built