Printing with Neutrino and lpd

I have been trying to get a simple BJ-100 to /dev/par1 to print.
I am using the Neutrino version from january 2001 (no pathch B)

Here is what I have tried:

Before starting`“lpd”:
Parallel port works: ls >/dev/par1 prints fine

After starting “lpd”:

  • /etc/printcap file simply contains: lp:lp=/dev/par1:
  • directory /usr/adm exists
  • spool directory exists
  • lprc status lp tells me that all is Ok.
  • lpr -P /etc/printcap puts the file in the spool buffer but does not
  • ls > /dev/par1 DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE !!!

What am I doeing wrong.

Jacques Gagne, teacher C.E.G.E.P. de