Installation of Serial Port


I have P-IV with one serial port(on board),I want to attach one PCI IO card having 2 serial port & 1 Parallel port.I had altered sysinit.1 file consequently in Dev directory ser2,ser3 are showing but unable to communicate with ser2 & ser3 port.Is there any need to change in some other file.

ur suggestions are wel come.


maybe the baud rate, parity bit, etc. are not setup properly to match the device on the ser2/ser3 port?

Thanks for ur suggestion.

At the same baud rate,paritybit ,when i communicate through ser1 ,communication takes place,But through ser2,ser3 nothing is done.
Pls suggest me any other solution ,if any.


Can you specify what you mean by “I had altered sysinit.1 file consequently”. What exactly did you do?

use the showPci to see what it wants for the settings

Can you post the output of show_pci and the command line you used? IF the board is compatible with standard serial port register then what you are doing should work. So either it’s not 100% compatible or you are doing something wrong. Can you specify what model of serial port it is.