?devb-doc (DiskOnChip under QnxRTP)?

I posted a question in the comp.os.qnx newsgroup.
Mario Charest (mcharest@void_zinformatic.com), replied,
“It was included in patch A I beleive under the Public/Driver

I proceeded to update my QNX Neutrino to Patch B.
After I did, I found the following directory structure:
boot …usr
build bin…sbin
nto_doc_example.build dformat devb_doc

I was able to use dformat to format the DOC2000 and then run
“devb-doc &” as the device driver. This yielded a new device,
“/dev/hd1”. When I type “use devb-doc”, it replies, “Driver for
M-Systems DiskOnChip, Version 4.2.0”.

I do not know if this is the same version of the driver for DOC2000
under Neutrino that was having problems last year. It appears to be
working okay, so far. If you happen to know what if this driver
Version 4.2.0 is THE problem driver, I would appreciate knowing.

Duane Mattern <raf5de6k@yahoo.com>