Use usb as com

I need four com in our project.But my board only has two com and two usb.I want to change usb’s drivers to use it as com in qnx 6.1.0.Is it very difficult?Anyone can give me a advice? 8)

I see in internet converter “usb-com”.
But driver only for MS Windows…

Hello gpfly,

chech the “FT232” from FTDI Chip:

At there site are “Virtual Com Port” Drivers for Windows.

Free 3rd Party drivers for linux can you found at:

I have builded a RS232<->USB converter with the chip. Really easy …
Until now, i have only used the windows drivers.

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I believe easiest solution is just to buy additional card with serial ports. There are lots of such products on market, as a variant you can check
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If you want to port a linux driver, maybe you should join this seminar:


Page … is
“Driver to be released soon.”
Funny name of file, funny contents of page.

USB-RS: … PathId=175


Unfortunately there is no QNX support in datasheet for that device … 0402ds.pdf