Transfer of MP3 files from a USB device to QNX.

Iam an amature in the world of QNX.
Iam using a usb device to store MP3 files. i need to tranfer these files through the USB port to QNX 6.3. I would like to know how this can be done? I would also like to know if the these Mp3 files are stored as a filesystem when transfered to QNX 6.3. if they are stored as a filesystem, i would like to know where (in which directory) they are stored so that i can use QNX plug ins to play them…

thanx in advance…


USB mass storage is supported in QNX 6.3. You will see and use it as a normal hard drive.

Yes, but first you have to start the driver and mount the device (you need to be root to do this):
-plug in the storage device
-start the usb driver: eg. “io-usb -duhci -dohci -dehci”
-start the mass store device driver: eg. “devb-umass”
-now there sould be a new hd* device in /dev
-mount the device to whereever you want it to be:
(that’s how I would mount my SD-Card)
eg. “mount -tdos /dev/hd3t6 /fs/sd-card”

now you can access the files from the device (in my example under /fs/sd-card).

Hi ,
thanks a lot for the info…its given me some idea on how this can be done…