my /usr/local

If I want my /usr/local, physically located on a different partition or
disk, is it possible to add this path to your /usr/local or the one
created by adding a package?

I want this because I consider that /usr/local is our problem and not
According to some sad experiences under linux, I prefere that you don’t
know anything about /usr/local where I install lot of applications and
tools important for me.
It’s dommage that you don’t give us the possibility to decide about our
mount points.
I don’t know how qrtp installation procedure could evolve in the future.
Maybe you would want to format the disk or what you consider belonging
to the qrtp package and, according to that, /usr belongs to the qrtp
The problem is that /usr/local is IN /usr and if you decide to erase
/usr and if /usr/local is on the same partition or disk like it’s the
case by default, you understand that all we’ve installed in /usr/local
is lost.

It’s the reason I would like to know if it’s possible to add my
/usr/local to yours.